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BCF Rainbow Beach Fishing

Scott is out with Brian, Rainbow Beach local and Master of catching worms, worms spend a good deal of time under the sand, they...

Rainbow Beach

The Keeley Rose sets off from Rainbow Beach, travelling 35 nautical miles, as the sun rose we experienced a ‘glass out’. This is deep...

Garry’s Rod Tips

How to transport your rods in your car – Gary has a great idea and all you need are some Velcro straps. Place the...

Snapper on Plastics

There are a million and one ways to target Snapper, but Rob Smith, from Smithy’s fishing charters, has perfected the art of nabbing them...

Reef Soft Plastics

Fishing in the Coral Sea doesn’t have to mean big gear and big baits. Creek to Coast jumped on board a 4 day Megaforce Charter...

Alvey Reels

The story of iconic Alvey Reels started back in 1920 with the creation of a lathe-turned silky oak wood back and spool, and ratchet...

Garmin Marlin Offshore

For many anglers, hooking onto a marlin is at the top of their bucket list but for Wayne Thomsen and his family, it’s just...

Lucinda Jetty

Lucinda Jetty is the longest service pier in the southern hemisphere - stretching 5.5km out to sea. It’s also an anglers’ paradise – flanked...

White Spot

White Spot is a highly contagious, viral infection that poses a huge risk to the prawn farming industry, Scotty joins Kerrod Beattie from Bio...

Hervey Bay

Join Scotty Hillier as we head for Hervey Bay, an area known for its superb fishing. We catch up with John Haenke, a local...


ARB Old vs New

Does newer always mean better? Roger takes his beautifully restored 1982 Toyota Landcruiser 40 series to Landcruiser Mountain Park to give it a test....

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