Mackerel Fishing Tips

Every fisherman loves chasing pelagics. They’re fast, hard fighting and great eating. There are also a wide variety of options when it comes to catching them.

Around the Summer months, you will often find school mackerel and few species of tuna in and around the waters of Moreton Bay. The first place to start is around the markers in the fishing channel.

A simple sinking jig should work a treat. Cast out close to the markers and slowly jig it up. Be careful not to snag though, people have been fishing the markers for years, and there are often pieces of line and rope from where other fishermen have not been so lucky.

If the Jig isn’t working, then try with some live baits. The Sabiki rigs are a very easy way to avoid tangling your line. One final option to try is jigging with a faster retrieve. Look for bait on the sounder and cast into it.



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