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Luke Q&A

Favourite fishing spot? 
Would have to be Boondoomba dam over near Kingaroy. Great fresh water fishing close to home

Most unusual bait I’ve used to catch a fish? 
When we were younger we went fishing for the first time at our uncles, we ran out of bait so I used a red berry I found on a nearby tree, chucked it on the hook to catch my very first fish EVER!!

Best eating fish? 

Item a always have when I go camping, driving, fishing? 
I always carry a hand line behind the seat of my ute, you never know when you might find a cracking fishing spot

If you had to be stuck on an island with one of the other Creek to Coast presenters, who would it be and why?
Scotty Hillier, he is a top bloke and we definitely wouldn’t go hungry! I’m sure he would whip up a fishing line in no time at all, so we would be sitting back eating fish. Waiting for help to arrive.