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Roger Vickery

Roger Vickery is our resident 4wd and all things mechanical expert with a total love of the bush. When he’s not exploring the best Australia has to offer in a 4WD he’s at his property in the sunshine coast hinterland where he raises Arabian horses and droughtmaster cattle or zipping around a racetrack racing classic cars.

Question time

What is your best fishing spot? Kirk River Cape York Your favourite 4WD track? Old coach track Laura to Maytown Cape York Best camping spot?  Beach side West coast of Tasmania If you had to be stuck on an island with one of the other Creek to Coast presenters, who would it be and why? Sally, she can fish and cook. What is your funniest crew story? Middle of nowhere, driving behind the crew, convincing them we are in front and leaving them for dead with accompanying radio chatter, then coming up alongside them… “Hello!” If you could go anywhere, where would it be and why? Canadian outback; scenery, wildlife and people. What is your hidden talent? Writing poetry. Best eating fish? Barramundi. Best catching fish? Barramundi Item you always have with you for camping/driving/fishing? A gun and fencing pliers. Who is your celebrity doppelganger? Tommy Lee Jones. What food do you despise the most? Watermelon and cucumber. I think they are related. Favourite recipe/food? RV’s spag bol or corned meat. Weird OCD’s? Always eat steamed spuds last What is one thing in the world you can’t live without? Besides family …my ipad. What is the most unusual bait you’ve used to catch a fish? Dog biscuit. On a day off where would we most likely find you? Home reading or in the paddock. What are you most afraid of? Heights. Your best relaxing spot? Home with horses and cattle. Tell us about someone memorable you’ve met along your Creek to Coast journey? Artist/sculptor Greg Duncan. The wall in the wilderness Tasmania. Gifted, driven with passion for his work. Your life quote or motto? The road less travelled is an adventure.