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Did you know that Scott Hillier once worked as a patrol officer for Queensland Boating and Fisheries before becoming one of Australia’s favourite larrikin fishing presenters? When he’s not fishing, you’ll probably find Scotty and his wife strolling along Marcoola Beach, their home after working away for 20 years.


Question time

What is your best fishing spot? Lucinda in North Qld. I spent 15 years living there, catching Barra in the morning then out catching Red Emperor in the afternoon, magical spot. Your favorite 4WD track? Growing up Fraser Island was the family holiday, so still love the sand tracks around the Island. Best camping spot? Fraser Island, great family memories. If you had to be stuck on an island with one of the other Creek to Coast presenters, who would it be and why? Gary Howard, can fix anything, can catch anything, can cook anything and tells a good joke. What is the most ridiculous thing that’s happened on the show? Continuous tail flap from a Mackerel right on the Man Wand. What is your funniest crew story? Letting an untied mudcrab into the shower cubicle with our cameraman Mark Sluggo Deadman whilst he was not wearing his glasses, meaning he couldn’t see the crab properly, very funny…. If you could go anywhere, where would it be and why? Alaska, to chase the Rainbow Trout on fly, beautiful part of the world the back drop is stunning. What is your hidden talent? Won a Cocktail Barman of the Year award many years ago….so I make a mean cocktail or 3. Best eating fish? Coral Trout by a country mile. Best catching fish? Large Mouth Nannygai. Item you always have with you for camping/driving/fishing? Good mobile phone so I can call someone if things go pear shaped. What food do you despise the most? Brussel Sprouts. Made to eat them as a kid, used to hide them in the lounge so I didn’t have to eat them. Favorite recipe/food? Fresh Salmon Sushi. Weird OCD’s? Read the paper every morning with a coffee. Have to ring my sons every day to say hi. What is one thing in the world you can’t live without? A fishing rod. What is the most unusual bait you’ve used to catch a fish? Salami to catch Large Mouth Nannygai, plus a big GT on a butter knife with a hook swing off it. What is your best party trick? Disappearing early, telling everyone I’m just going to the toilet. On a day off…where would we most likely find you? At Marcoola beach with Wife. What are you most afraid of? Confined spaces… ooohhh and Ghosts. Your best relaxing spot? My home beach at Marcoola. Tell us about someone memorable you’ve met along your Creek to Coast journey? A young indigenous ranger on Melville Island named Phelan. He was very shy initially, but to watch him relax and come out of his shell over the 4 days of filming was fantastic. Your life quote or motto (who said it)? A Remain who you have always been, never think you are better than anyone else. ~My Mother