Roothy’s Spring Roll Recipe

Camping doesn’t have to be a pot of beans or sandwiches… Roothy has a few easy ways to rustle up some tasty lunch! He wasn’t sure what to call these, so let’s just call them Roothy Rolls 😉

It’s fairly simple. You can use chorizo sausage, ham, salami or whatever you have handy. Cut it up finely to cook, fry it up on your camp stove with a bit of oil, and then, once fried up, chuck in some bean sprouts – you can find them in most shops – bung in about a half packet, and also add some coleslaw mix (which is basically just chopped up veges).

Now soak some rice paper wrappers in water, and once soft, dry them on a paper towel.  Place some of your mix on and roll them up! Serve them with some sweet chilli sauce to dip them in. Yummo!