The Land Cruiser Club hits up Northern NSW

Roger spends a weekend away with some mates from ARB and members of one of Queensland’s biggest social car clubs.

 ARB Diff Locks1

The Land Cruiser Club of Queensland is one of the state’s most established four wheel drive associations and they love a good weekend off-road.

 ARB Diff Locks3

Roger joins them down at the privately-owned Brooklyn 4×4 Park to put the ARB’s Airlocker system to the test.

ARB Diff Locks4 

With an open differential, climbing steep and tricky terrain in your fourbie can be difficult and often results in one wheel spinning in the dirt. The Airlocker system shoots compressed air into the differential, “locking” it up so power is distributed evenly between both wheels on the axle.

ARB Diff Locks6



Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Queensland