BCF Tiwi Islands Adventure

This week on Creek to Coast, Scott sets out on one incredible fishing adventure!
Every angler has their bucket list of destinations they dream of venturing to one day and if you ask almost anyone, they’d probably say the Tiwi Islands are top of the list.
The islands are situated 80 kilometres off the coast of Darwin in the Timor Sea and it is here that tales of monster fish are born.
It comes as no surprise that this is also where you will find one of the country’s best fishing lodges – Melville Island Lodge, run by Tiwi Islands Adventures.
Scott heads to the top end for an epic journey to find out if the Tiwi Island legend is fact or fiction.
After all the excitement, some down time is definitely in order. Scott spends a couple of extra nights in Darwin and couldn’t find a better place to unwind than the Oaks Elan Darwin.





Tiwi Islands Adventures
(08) 8947 3366

The Oaks Elan – Darwin
(08) 8982 1888


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