A day in the life of a Gold Coast lifesaver

Even though summer has ended, Queensland’s sunny weather means swimmers can enjoy the beaches almost all year round.

That means it’s even more important to be aware of beach safety. Swimmers at the beach are encouraged to swim between the flags placed by life savers and to read the signs about surf conditions.

Up and down the Gold Coast, there are many life saving clubs with volunteers dedicated to helping people on the water. One such club is BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club. It started in 1947 and has become one of the country’s finest. It recently took home its 15th Australian Surf Life Saving Club Championship.

It has over 300 active patrolling members who volunteer their time. It’s also a great venue for events and has a terrific food and wine menu.

For those interested in surf life saving, more information can be found by contacting Surf Life Saving Queensland here.