A Long Drive for Drought

Amongst all the chaos of 2020, the plight of many farmers has been pushed aside. Two-thirds of Queensland is still in drought, with many families doing it very tough.

Brent Reeman is the organizer of A Long Drive for Drought, a soon to be annual event helping raise awareness about the dry spell becoming much of Outback Queensland.

A Long Drive for Drought is a way to bring support and smiles to many faces of Western Queensland, with a little help from a couple of Aussie icons.

It’s fair to say the 40 Series Landcruiser is a part of the fabric when it comes to Australia’s outback heritage, so in a drive for drought, why not do it in these quintessential Aussie outback machines.

From Brisbane to Tambo and back, to convoy’s aim is to raise forty-thousand dollars for a very worthy cause, Drought Angels.

Tash from Drought Angels tells a harrowing story, depicting the moment she realized she had to help.

“Drought Angels started back in January 2014, I heard about a farmer out western Queensland who was trying to sell his stock. The trucks came to take the cattle for market, but the cattle were too poor. So the trucks had to leave and leave old mate with his stock. He then shot quite a few hundred head of cattle, shot his working dogs then shot himself. And it took me back to a time when I nearly lost my mum from suicide due to pressures of the farm in the early 90s. And I just needed to do something to help.”

To date, Drought Angels have helped hundreds of farming families out. You can show your support by heading to their website…and make sure you follow A Long Drive for Drought on Facebook, as they plan for their trip next year.

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