Adrenalin pumping watersports in South East Queensland

South East Queensland is a water baby’s playground when it comes to water skiing and boarding.  The Southern corner possesses divine areas for weekend water sport enthusiasts of all kinds such as, wakeboarding, waterski, wake surfing, tubing, skim boarding and wake skating.  All of these high adrenalin sports are fuelled by thrill seekers of sorts, who enjoy being towed behind a watercraft with a sizeable wake to perform acrobatic maneuvers.

Shaun Mcculloch and his family ready for a day out on the water at Lake Dyer.

Wakeboarding is a fast growing trend on the Gold Coast, although there are few areas where it is deemed safe to ‘ride’ due to the risk of colliding with sandbars, passing other watercraft and moored vessels.  So while the Gold Coast Broadwater mightn’t be the place to get sporty, there are plenty of lakes and dams offer a fresh water alternative for riders.

Rowan Mcculloch Wakeboarding

Some of the popular spots for watersports are Maroon Dam, Lake Perseverance, Moogerah Dam, Somerset Dam, Atkinson Dam and Lake Dyer. If you’d prefer to make a relaxing camping trip out of a weekend on the water, there are many campgrounds available right on the waters edge.

Kayci Lee and Rowan Mcculloch having fun tubing at Storm King Dam in Stanthorpe

Cable parks are another alternative for watersport enthusiast with two located in the South East region.  Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast and Logan, south of Brisbane, have great facilities that enable riders of all capabilities to ski in a protected area with rails and ramps placed strategically to encourage stunt riding.

Rowan Mcculloch Wakeboarding1

You can learn to do water skiing activities behind a motorboat on the Gold Coast with expert teams such as the ProWake Academy, who provide tailored packages for riders of any rank.

Kayci Lee wakeboarding at Storm King Dam in Stanthorpe

For more information about where to go water skiing or camping visit the South East Queensland Water website:
For more information about the ProWake Academy click here
Fore More information about Bli Bli Cable Park click here


By Kayci-Rae Lee

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