ARB Bribie Beach Recovery

It’s all well and good to have four-wheel drive recovery gear, but it’s no use to you at all, if you don’t know how to use it correctly, and more importantly, safely.

Roger takes to Bribie Island, where he has brought along two new recovery products from ARB.

The first is called a soft shackle. In a recovery situation, a snatch-strap can be your best friend, but if secured incorrectly to your car, it can tare pieces of metal from your chassis, turning them into potentially fatal flying projectiles. The soft shackle is rated to 14 tons, more than some rated D-shackles, and as the name suggests, is soft, meaning no flying metal to cause injury.

The second is ARB’s new Tred Pro recovery boards. Crafted in Australia, and comprised of super strong polyolefin, the boards make solo recoveries very easy and stress-free.