ARB Intensity Solis LED Lights

It’s often the case that when the sun sets on Fraser Island, the beach gets busier!

Fisherman upon fisherman line the beach, each trying their luck for a Tailor or two. So with all this activity, drivers need to show caution when travelling up and down the shoreline.

This can be helped with a little illumination, and the team at ARB have a new option to help you out.

The company has been creating a range of driving lights and light bars for a while now, with their most popular product the famous Intensity lights featuring the iconic red housing. But now there’s a new kid on the block, going y the name of Solis.

ARB Solis offers a cheaper price point from the Intensities but still pack a punch. They feature 36 Osram LEDs punching out one LUX at 1462m. The lights are also dimmable, meaning you’re not going to be blinding any unassuming driver who you greet rounding a corner.

The Solis also offer a degree of customization, with the iconic red shroud still very much a feature, but now with the option of a black surround. Customers can also choose between a range of colours for light covers.

Head into your local ARB store or jump online to check them out.

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