ARB Kits Out their New Isuzu D-MAX

Isuzu’s 2018 model D-MAX is a good looking car, and ARB have taken it to the next level by dressing one up to be the ultimate touring vehicle.

Roger and the team from ARB Nundah, put in 3 months of work to transform a stock car, into the beast they now have. From the ground up, it looks the part. Big black rims with a set of chunky Coopers to match. A set of Old Man Emu suspension holds up the car, which now boasts a canopy chockablock full of drawers, recovery gear and a twin aircompressor.

To test it out, the crew have taken it over to Bribie Island, for a day on the beach. The first thing you notice, is on the access track in. Anyone who has ventured down the Woorim beach access, will know that it can be a little choppy after heavy use. The D-MAX’s upgraded suspension makes short work of the track, and then floats nicely over the soft sand.

A tip for beach driving – tyre pressures are key. There is no real magic number, but between 20 and 25psi should do it. That way, you’ve got enough of a handprint on the sand to provide traction, while still being able to drive to the servo to refill the tyres after your beach day. You can drop them lower if you get into a bit of a pickle, but the lower you go, the more risk you have of running the wheel off the rim.

You can kit your fourby out for a day on the beach by heading to your local ARB.

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