ARB’s new Earth Camper will go EVERYWHERE!

For near-twenty years, ARB has been guiding us on all of our overland adventures. From the very tip to the southernmost point of the country, we’ve covered a lot of ground, normally behind the wheel of an ARB-equipped vehicle.

The company is renowned for its 4×4 accessory manufacturing, but when we heard they were releasing their own take on a camper trailer… we couldn’t wait to check it out!

It’s called Earth Camper… as in, it will go ANYWHERE on earth. A big claim, but knowing ARB, they’re not kidding.

The company’s foundations are in steel tube fabrication, that’s the bullbars you will see on hundreds of thousands of Aussie vehicles. This fabrication plays a big part in the design of the Earth Camper, namely the exoskeleton design that forms the frame of the camper. Not only does it look pretty bloody cool, but it provides incredible rigidity and stability for a trailer that, we know, is going to be taken through some pretty incredible tracks.

A couple of other creature comforts to mention are the addition of ARB’s slide kitchen, base rack on top and a fold down design that leaves you with a hard floor. Anyone with a camper trailer will know that this is a big tick.

You can also opt for a hot water system and diesel heater, adding even more comfort to this capable rig.

As a celebration of the launch of Earth Camper, Scotty and a few old hats from the ARB team took the camper to Mountview Farmstay, a beautiful property near Toowoomba in Queensland. You’ll find them on Hipcamp, if you like the look of it like we did.

Interested in an Earth Camper? Head online or instore to your local ARB. While you’re there, why not show the fourbie some love as well… go on, you deserve it.

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