The ARB team heads to Witchelina

Roger heads to South Australia to retrace the steps of legendary outback pioneer, Tom Kruse – and no, it’s not the Tom Cruise you’re thinking about.

About 650 kilometres from Adelaide sits the town of Marree. It may be small but it certainly has a big history and it is here where Roger begins his trip.

Travelling the outback definitely has its challenges and Roger and Gary Woodhead from ARB lend a hand when they come across a group of travellers in need.

After their good deed is done, they head on through to Witchelina Station.

A four wheel drive track is open to visitors and winds its way through the magnificent Old Mount Nor West Gorge. Roger puts his vehicle to the test as they explore the rocky terrains of the Gorge whilst taking in the incredible view.




Nature Foundation SA

Witchelina Nature Reserve

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