BCFing Guide to Summer: Fishing & Tackle

You’ve jagged the day, weather and wind…and it’s summer. The PERFECT combination to head out onto the bay and chase a few schools of Tuna and School Mackerel.

The tackle to do so does not have to be overly complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as a rod in the 4-8kg range, a 4000+ size reel and a couple of metal slugs.

Sammy Hitzke suggests a few lures to try…but LOVES the metal slugs.

“Now moving on to lures, in my opinion, it’s hard to beat the good old fashion chrome slug. You can cast them a mile, they sink nice and quick, they perfectly imitate the small little baitfish we get at this time of the year.

Beautiful flashy profile and the pelagics absolutely love them.”

The Halco Twisty is a tried and tested slug that many anglers use, as is the Savage Gear Sea Missile. A tip, carry a few different sizes with you. That way, if you’re not getting hits on one size, you’ll have something to change to.

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