Us Aussies Love Boating

With Queensland’s boom in boat ownership, an influx in new skippers have hit the waters. Which is great! The more people out enjoying our magic waterways, the better!

Queensland’s waterways have much to offer those wanting to stretch the legs of their boat. How about a touch of fishing? All up and down the east coast, there are an abundance of fisheries all with species varying from the bread and butter Bream and Whiting (perfect for the kids) up to the hard-hitting, tough fighting Amberjack off the Sunny Coast.

Prefer to tow the tube around instead? The calm canals and rivers of the Gold Coast are ideal, as are the state’s inland lakes and dams. Can we recommend Somerset! 

Jag the weather, and the trip across to Moreton is just magic…and if it’s super calm, you could even do it on a ski!

Now is also the perfect time to reiterate a few safety tips so everyone on the water is on the same page. Why not head over to Discover Boating – a brand new site for Aussie boaties to keep up to date with all things maritime. It’s also a great resource to check out a range of services and manufacturers to either upgrade or update your pride and joy.

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