Gary’s tips for how to best clean your boat

Gary’s tips for how to best clean your boat

Maintaining a boat isn’t just about the adventures on the water; it’s also about the responsibility of proper upkeep!

·        Use car wash soap: Clean your boat with car wash soap as it effectively removes salt and grime. Opt for a lemon-scented soap to combat any lingering odors.

·        Multi-handle spray nozzle: Invest in a multi-handle spray nozzle for your hose. It offers a variety of spray options, from gentle to strong, making it perfect for reaching all parts of your boat, including those tricky spots underneath.

·        Sectional cleaning: Divide your cleaning process into sections to ensure thoroughness. This approach also allows you to spot any loose or damaged parts that require attention.

·        Motor flushing: After cleaning, don’t forget to flush your boat’s motor with fresh water. This step helps remove salt residue and keeps your engine in top condition.

·        Exterior inspection: Pay close attention to the boat’s exterior. Look for excess grease, signs of rust, or saltwater leakage. Addressing these issues during cleaning can prevent future problems and extend your boat’s lifespan.

·        Underside cleaning: Thoroughly hose down the underside of your boat and trailer. This prevents saltwater accumulation, which can lead to corrosion over time.

·        Regular maintenance: Consider boat cleaning as an opportunity to familiarise yourself with your vessel’s condition. Use this time to spot any broken or missing components and address them promptly.

·        Fishing gear: While your boat dries, take the opportunity to clean your fishing gear. It ensures your equipment stays in good shape for future outings.

By following these practical tips, you’ll not only keep your boat looking its best but also ensure it performs optimally and stays in great condition for all your future water adventures.

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