Boating Tips from Volunteer Marine Rescue

Queenslanders love being out on that water. Did you know that one in 19 of us owns a registered boat?

In fact, 2020 saw an increase of around 3500 registered vessels on the water.

So with so many of us enjoying our state’s beautiful waters, there’s no better time to refresh on a few of the basic rules of boating.

Volunteer Marine Rescue Queensland provides search and rescue services along the state’s coast.

Gretel Waugh has been volunteering for with VMR over two years so she’s seen her fair share of dos and don’ts!

“We see a lot of people come out, they’ve had their licence for 20 plus years, and they won’t have a refresher so it’s pretty important to touch up on the rules before you go out on the water,” she said.

Be Courteous and Careful

Make sure you’re courteous to everyone who’s around you, that includes giving a wide berth to other vessels, making sure that you go slow around jetties and where there might be people in the water.

Check the Weather and Tides

Check the weather on BOM, or phone into VMR for the forecast. Do not just look out the window because often winds can change in the afternoon, often even sooner, and the weather’s completely different to what you would have expected first thing in the morning.

Preparation and Checks

Check your vessel is prepared for the weather you’ll be boating in. Check your fuel to ensure it’s not old and you have enough for the return trip, as well as some in reserve just in case. Check your batteries are all fully charged before you head out.

Log in with VMR

It’s a simple process, but oh so important. Radio or phone into VMR and let them know where you’re going, how many people are on the vessel, when you plan to return and the registration of the boat.

Volunteer Marine Rescue offers an annual membership for only $77. It can save you plenty in the event of a breakdown.

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