Buying Your First Caravan

Prospective caravan owners are often faced with a load of decisions to make before they buy their first van. What size should I look at, how many people do I need it to sleep, what can my vehicle tow, where should I go on my first trip, what can I do to prepare?

With so many makes and models of caravans, camper trailers and RVs on the market, the first question of what to buy is often the most difficult.

We chatted to a few industry experts about what trends they are seeing as of late. Travis from Cruise Oz says that it’s more often than not couples who are buying camper trailers.

“You’re talking a 30-second job to pack the camper up or put it up, so it’s just the ease of things…. You don’t want to be spending an hour or so setting things up. This is purely park, throw the walls up, throw the roof up and you’re good to go…Perfect for people looking to get into the game, what a way to start, something like this.”

For the families, a four or five berth caravan will be the go. With this, you should expect a full ensuite with washing machine included. There are a variety of sizes and van capabilities to think about, so Dolin from Adventure Caravans suggests the following…” We want you to enjoy the caravanning experience, so go into a licensed dealer, you get the right information to let you make the right decision. That’s what it’s about.”

Finally, your first ever night in the new van should be at a spot where you are confident and that there are helping hands about if you need them. Why not try Brisbane Holiday Village? Located on the Brisbane’s southside, the park has LOADS to entertain the kids, plus nice wide roads and sites making maneuvering your new van a breeze.

One final tip, why not head to this year’s Let’s Go Brisbane Caravanning and Camping Sale at the RNA Showgrounds. Starting on Thursday, October 29th the show runs through November 1st, with a wide variety of manufacturers all planning to put on a show. A great event to put on the list if you’re looking to take your first steps into the lifestyle.