SEQ Camper Trailer Day Trip

We reckon if you’re looking for an awesome entry level RV that will unlock the world of touring for you, you can’t go past a camper trailer. They are compact, super easy to tow, and if you get that itch to hit the road on a Friday afternoon after work, it’s only a matter of hitching it up to the car and setting off.

There is a load of great camper trailers on the market. We recently sent Scotty to Ocean Beach on Bribie Island to put a few Kimberley Kampers through their paces.

Getting onto the beach itself is a cinch, particular when the Platinum Raptor model the crew had weighs around 1600 kilos. Then it’s just a matter of pulling up to a campsite, or even a wide patch of beach if you get a bit peckish.

SEQ Campers are a QLD-based dealer for the Kimberlies and reckon they are awesome for the beach because of their hard floors.

Have we swayed you on getting a camper trailer? Do it, go on, you know you want to. For even more info on what you should be looking for, or maybe even a few ideas for your first trip away in the new camper, head to the Caravanning QLD website.

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