Cape York Adventure Part 1

Cape York is firmly cemented atop the bucket lists of most four-wheel drivers in Australia. This is for good reason. The Cape is wild. Untamed beauty, incredible people and of course, the Old Telegraph Track await any who want to give this iconic 4×4 destination a crack.

Over the years, the journey to the tip has changed ever so slowly. As manufacturers of offroad equipment get better and better more and more of us are deciding to tow to the tip…hitching on the offroad van and making the pilgrimage.

There’s plenty to do on the way north. Some start their journeys from their front door! Travelling all the way up the east coast. Arguably, the trip to The Tip starts at Cooktown. The lovely Leslyn at the Cooktown Caravan Park sees many groups making their way up, or returning from the Tip. She says there has been a vast increase in the number of caravans and camper trailers making the journey! The caravan park has fantastic free camping space, as well as plenty of powered sites for the caravans. Or, if you’d rather something a little more flash, there is a big family cabin, as well as single rooms that are nice and comfy.

Your gateway to the tip of Australia is the Peninsular Development Road or PDR.. Renowned for its corrugations, you will need a good suspension system on your vehicle to make sure you’re not shaken to your bones! The team at ARB produce incredible, Old Man Emu suspension. Adjustable bypass suspension that will make the corrugations far more manageable. The team at Vision RV have added airbag suspension to their vans. Meaning you can not only adjust the angle of your van if you tackle a few tricky parts of the Cape, but it also means the vans ride smoother. Both teams from ARB and Vision RV recommend adjusting your tyre pressures when travelling on the PDR.

There are several stations along the PDR that all welcome travellers. Names such as Musgrave Roadhouse, Moreton Telegraph Station and Bramwell are all very well known, and a great place to stop for a night. Bramwell has developed a little name for itself as an entertainment hub on the Cape! Ken Godfrey, an ex-entertainment manager has run the tourist park element of Bramwell for 10 years and puts on a concert, dinner and drinks at night. A real drawcard.

Bramwell is also the spot where the iconic Old Telegraph track starts. 350km of water crossings and tricky, technical track await. Those wanting to avoid any potential carnage can continue on the PDR. There are tracks back out from the Tele Track at certain points.

Before hitting the PDR, or indeed Cape York, head to your local ARB store to kit your vehicle out with all the gear you’ll need to make your trip a successful one. And if you want a van that has been proven to tackle the Cape, hit up Vision RV.

Check out part two of our Cape York adventure here.

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