Caravanning Queensland – Preparation tips for a safe and hassle-free holiday

Owing a caravan doesn’t just mean hitching it up whenever you like and setting off. As with many things, preparation and preventative maintenance is key to a safe and happy holiday.

Your local caravan servicing business is the best spot to start this process. Even better, check out the Caravanning Queensland website for a list of registered businesses who all have the same goal in mind… helping you have the best trip possible.

The crew from Suncoast Caravan Services do a roaring trade and have a team who are top-notch. Adam Twist, the businesses manager, says he is heartened to see many caravan owners showing up for regular servicing.

He reiterates that checks you can do yourself, such as tyre pressures, checking lights, electronics and coupling gear are all a great start and should be done before setting off on any long journey.

After a tough few months during COVID restrictions, most of the east coast is experiencing an influx of eager travellers So rather than join the crowd, why not head west?

There are stunning parts of Queensland that need to be seen to be believed. All these places will more often than not have a caravan park waiting for you!

So, after you’ve done your servicing and checks, why not pack the van and head west for your next holiday. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

For more tips and advice, visit the Caravanning Queensland website.

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