Caravanning Queensland Road Trip – Clermont

If you’ve never seen a country rodeo before, put it on your bucket list.

The Clermont Rodeo is one of the biggest events on Central Queensland’s calendar. Everyone in town turns out for the show which includes camp drafting, bull riding and plenty of family activities and entertainment. The rodeo attracts visitors from all across the state and is definitely an event to plan a trip to.

Clermont came to life during a gold rush in the 1860s. Fossicking for gold is still a popular pastime in the town, and plenty of travelers come to see if they can strike it lucky.

You can buy a fossicking license and kit from the Clermont Caravan Park. Here, you’ll also find comfortable lodgings for a stay and the park is grassy and spacious with plenty of van sites to choose from – even at rodeo time!


Caravanning Queensland

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Clermont Caravan Park

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