Catching Luderick with Alvey

Techniques for Luderick fishing vary greatly and no matter who you ask, everyone has their own tips, tricks and methods for catching the cabbage-munching fish.

One tried and tested method is by using light fly hooks, pencil floats and a faithful centrepin Alvey. The idea being you bait your hook with a little weed, cast down-current and let the float make its way from the boat. The theory is that the Luderick will see the floating weed and snap it up.

The benefit then of using an Alvey is that the line easily peels off, allowing the float to look natural and make the week, in turn, look like a tasty treat. Alvey’s centrepin reel. The Alvey 47GZ is particularly useful in this situation. Dual stainless-steel bearings make for an “ultra-free running spool”.

You can check out the 47GZ as well as Alvey’s other extensive range of reels and rods online.