Catching Mud Crabs with Our Hands

This week we’re diving into the deep end as Scotty learns how to catch mud crabs with nothing but his bare hands.

Tagging along with Ben Glass and Benny Golden, Scott heads deep into a large mangrove system within the Moreton Bay region.

Mud crabs are a popular menu item in Australia and are very common in Queensland. They can be found in large numbers in Bramble Bay, Deception Bay and the Redcliffe peninsula. They are often found near mangrove systems and are more active in warmer months.

As crab hooks are illegal in Queensland and there were no nets or pots to be found, the three lads got down and dirty inside a few crab holes looking for their lunch.

Each state has their own laws regarding crab hunting and fishing. So, make sure to check out what you can and can’t do before you try this for yourself.

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