Catching up with Trip In A Van

Imagine if money was no object and you could concept, design and build your dream camping setup from scratch — what would you do? 

Would you go camping trailer, caravan, tent or swag? Or what about your vehicle — how would you set it up to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and designed to take a beating?  

Justin and Bec Lorrimer from Trip In A Van have spent the last four years on the road, living the nomadic life, so they’ve had plenty of time to figure out what exactly, the “perfect” setup looks like — a fully kitted out Toyota dual cab 200 series with a Sunseeker caravan in tow. 

“It’s not your standard wagon” Justin tells us. And he ain’t wrong, this thing is a machine that’s been built to live off the grid and they can do so, for weeks at a time.

“Up front for protection is an ARB summer bar. They’re tidy, they offer some serious protection. In there is a ranger winch, it’s a Bushranger 12-s Down below is a range of recovery points. We also run BP51 suspension. And I’ve got Cooper ST MAX tyres. We’ve had them for the last two years. Never had a flat tire, really good mileage. Clear View towing mirrors for when we are pulling the van and they are tough as nails. Up the top, more intensity driving lights, these things turn night into day. They are crazy. So a big change for the setup, this year is the tinnie on top. So what allows us to do that, is an Almac roof loader. It’s a rear loader and on top of that is a 376 Makocraft tracker. Up the back here is our Norwell canopy, which provides us with so much storage. It’s crazy. We’ve got battery gear up the front, air compressor here and so much storage for all our extras, food, electrical and of course, the outboard for the tinny.” 

So that’s the vehicle, what about the living quarters?  

“So the van, it’s a Sunseeker Desert Storm. Twenty one six, with triple bunks, we’ve really set this one up to be an off grid sort of beast as well. We’ve got water storage underneath. We got 340 litres and a grey water tank. We’ve got cruise master air suspension. Gives the van such a smooth ride.”

And for the inside, it’s deluxe. As you can see, it’s not only modern, it’s really spacious. We have so much storage and my favourite detail is this one — we added a bin in here [see in the above video]. So it’s awesome and totally essential when you’re travelling full time. Over here is our dining area. All five of us can squeeze in here and enjoy a meal together.”