Testing the new off-road tyre from Cooper Tires

Coopers Tires are back with their latest iteration of premium off-road tyres! The Evolution MT has just been released and we set out to test it, in all its glory in the Scenic Rim.

With all the guts to handle the harshest of all terrain, the MT (standing for Mud Terrain) has a number of nifty features that take it to the next level for 4×4 fun.

Andrew Collings from Evolution Tyre Distributors told us:

“There’s a few new features on this tyre that make it the latest and greatest. The first is what they call earth diggers. This allows it to cut through — plough through the mud. And it’s these three tread blocks in conjunction that just keep plowing the tyre forward forcing the mud out.

The second great new feature…are called mud slingers or stone ejectors. So what happens on a dirt road, stones get stuck in here and you don’t want them to drill right into the carcass construction or cause chipping. So as the tyre’s rotating around, when it comes off being compressed against the road, this helps the stone flick out the side of the tyre.

It’s also got great sidewall protection so you can see there’s varying depths and varying widths with these side biters. What they do is they get your traction when you’re in a rut or you’re slipping off the side of a rock. They just bite and they grip.”

But it’s what you can’t see behind the wall of the tyre that makes it tough stuff. Cooper uses a high tensile body ply, which is 20 per cent stronger than other leading brands that only use a standard tensile body ply.

See how we put the Evolution MT to the test in the video above.