Cooper’s Boat

For most of us any day on the water is a good day, but when you’re taking a brand-new boat for a spin, that’s a special day.

Sally Jeynes and her mate, gun fisherman Cooper Lau, take his new SeaFox Viper 200 for a spin around Sunshine Coast waters.

After a long haul searching, Cooper decided on the bay boat because of its storage capabilities as well as the centre console – great for moving around the boat when you hook a good fish.

Launching from the Noosaville boat ramp, they head about forty kilometres offshore to the Double Island Wrecks – one of Cooper’s favourite fishing hotspots. This is an ideal location to hook structure dwelling fish such as Amber Jack, Trevally and Cobia.

With a mixture of Sally’s slow pitched jig and Cooper’s fast retrieve, they soon pull in a 5 kilogram Cobia – the perfect eating fish for Sally’s raw fish snack.

Seawater Seasoned Fish Snack


  • Freshly caught fish, thinly sliced
  • Red onion
  • Green chilli
  • Fresh lime
  • Your favourite savoury crackers


  • Slice some freshly caught fish and soak in fresh cool seawater for half an hour or so
  • Drain fish, pat dry with paper towels, and spread in a single layer on a plate
  • Squeeze over fresh lime juice
  • Sprinkle with finely chopped onion and chilli
  • To serve, pile a little seasoned fish onto a rice cracker and enjoy

BCF stores are located all around the country, so drop in if today’s fishing has you in the mood for your own day out on the water… you’ll find all the gear we used in the story, Sally had the Riversea Knife Jig and Cooper was using plastics – or if you want any advice or local knowledge the guys in store will be more than happy to help you out!