Exploring Fraser Island by foot and 4WD

Hervey Bay is an amazing destination in its own right, but it’s also the gateway to a very special place. The world’s largest sand island… world-heritage listed… it’s Fraser Island, of course!

There are many ways to explore its beauty, but first up — back to basics — by foot! Jane Needham from Fraser Dingo Hiking Tours runs a number of walking tours taking things back to nature.

The hikes vary from one, two and three-day options, where you can even have your gear transported to each campsite for the night (meaning all you need to worry about is your sustenance for the day). Imagine post-trek, getting to a camp spot that’s already set up — wine and cheese awaiting!

Starting out at Central Station, and taking in the region’s amazing rainforest with ferns that date back to the dinosaur era, you can travel over to Pinnacle and finally, over to Lake McKenzie, finishing up at Lookout. Each spot warrants a “stop and smell the roses” moment.

Next up, if you want to kick things up a notch, why not try your hand at four wheel driving? Fraser provides a great 4WD playground for the experienced, but also has nice easy tracks for beginners. In fact, Fraser Dingo actually hires vehicles for single or multi-day hire – great for those who don’t have their own 4WD and especially those starting out. Beginners may find it best to head out for their first time after some rain. It compacts the sand and makes for easier driving, and less risk of getting bogged.

One of the beauties of exploring Fraser is the immense diversity in the landscapes. One moment you’re deep in rainforest, then into woodland and awe-inspiring lookouts until you’re out on a pristine beach. It offers the best of everything.

On the eastern side of the island, Eurong Beach Resort is actually only accessible by four wheel drive, so a great option for accommodation if you are hiring a vehicle, or bringing your own over from the mainland. It’s got everything you need, from a resort-style pool, a restaurant with five star meals, shops for all your essentials and even a funky beach bar.

So if you haven’t been to Fraser before, head on over and take your pick of how to explore it! As for those who know the island well, there’s no better time to reconnect. Happy exploring! To book your ferry across to Fraser, click here.

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