Lake Callide and Kroombit Tops Drive

Take the road west from Gladstone and you will arrive in The Banana Shire. It’s a region renowned for its produce and pretty views.

Nestled just five minutes outside of Biloela is Lake Callide. For the local fishermen, it’s a bit of a Barramundi mecca. The Callide Valley Fish Stocking Association have been nurturing the population of barra for years, and just recently released the 1 millionth fish fingling into the impoundment. How about those odds!

The dam also has a population of Redclaw that are great on the BBQ!

Steve’s Redclaw Recipe!


  • 10-15 redclaw
  • Butter
  • Chilli flakes (or garlic, or both!)


  1. Preheat BBQ or pan.
  2. Put Redclaw to sleep by them into an icey slurry for 10 minutes, or until they become dormant
  3. Cut redclaw lengthways in half
  4. Melt butter on hot ban or BBQ. Add chilli to taste
  5. Place redclaw onto hot BBQ or pan. Cook until flesh turns from translucent to white, and shells turn red.
  6. Serve hot

For the adventurers, Kroombit Tops National Park offers a range of bushwalks, hikes and drives to view some incredible scenery.

However, the park’s draw card is Beautiful Betsy – a WWII bomber that tragically crashed in February of 1945. The wreck remained undiscovered for nearly 50 years, when in 1994, a ranger checking on a backburn stumbled across it.

The Razorback Track will take you to the bomber, but a high clearance 4×4 is required.

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