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Fish & Tips – 26 July

This morning we embarked on our first Facebook LIVE episode of Fish & Tips with none other than Creek to Coast host, Scotty (the Big Man) Hillier.

You may notice from the still on the video above, that Scotty seems to be somewhat horizontal. But, in our defence he’s only wonky for a few minutes and we figured it’s probably how he prefers to be at 6am in the morning, so why stress (the joys of being live and accidentally knocking the screen mid-shoot).

Fish & Tips will be brought to you LIVE every 2nd Thursday (in the right direction)see the schedule for specific dates! Scotty will be giving weather updates and forecasts, fishing tales and tips, and best of all he’ll be answering all the questions you might want to ask him.

This morning we heard from:

  • Brian, who asked “What setup would you recommend for land based anglers?”
  • Simone, who asked “Where is the best location to fish and what did you catch?”
  • Micky B, who asked “Where did your love of fishing start?”
  • Steven, who asked “Fishing for whiting, what do you recommend?”
  • Peter, who asked “What is your favourite style of fishing?”
  • Jed, who asked “How do you feel about bananas on boats?”
  • Shaun, who asked “What’s the best bait for flathead?”
  • Olivia, who asked “What is your favourite fish to catch?”
  • Nick, who asked “What does it feel like to catch a GT?”

So watch the above to find out what the answers are, and tune in for another exciting episode next Thursday the 9th August at 06:00! If you have any questions, please send them through via Facebook messenger and we’ll make sure to pass them onto the Big Man!