Fishing and 4WD on Fraser Island Part 1

If you’re looking for an adventure filled holiday look no further than the beautiful Fraser Island.7CTC16-014a

Joined by a group of BCF competition winners, Gary and Roothy traveled to Fraser for a few days of fishing and four-wheel-driving.

The Creek to Coast presenters were united with Peter and his wife Tracey from Dayboro, Chris and his daughter Dee from Brisbane and Michael from Bellmere, who brought along his brother in law Neil.


The crew set up at the Waddy Point Beach Front Camping area just a couple of hours drive from the southern tip of the island. The camping ground is tent and camper-van friendly and is one of the few places left on the island where you can still have a fire.


While approaching Indian Head the drivers crossed some loose sand but did well not to get bogged.

To find out how the rest of their Fraser Island adventure went  check out parts 2, 3 and 4.

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