Fishing Far North Queensland’s Reef Flats

Jewell Reef is renowned as one of Australia’s premiere reef fishing destinations. From monster GTs to huge trout, and everything in between, it’s an angler’s paradise.

Jewell Reef sits north of Lizard Island, roughly 18 hours from Cairns by boat. If you’re looking for a boat to go with, we recommend Norkat II, run by Troy and the team from Reel Deep Charters. Norkat II is a beautiful 72-foot Westcoaster, fully-equipped for you and 10 of your best mates to have the most memorable offshore fishing experience possible.

Whether it’s run-of-the mill reef fishing, spearfishing, even sightseeing — the boat is the perfect vessel.

Earlier this year, Scotty dragged Andrew McGrath out of the BCF offices for an incredible five nights at sea, culminating at one of the best reef flats sessions we’ve ever filmed.

The crew aboard Norkat II are some of the best going around. Each guide has decades of fishing experience. They recommended stocking up before jumping aboard. For the reef fishing, we grabbed a couple of big dumbbell poppers as well as sinking stickbaits. Heavy leader is also ideal, as you don’t want the fish-of-a-lifetime busting you off on the coral.

We cracked out a series of Daiwa BG and Saltist reels, as well as a couple of the new Demon Blood rods for a bit of stopping power.

We can’t recommend the team from Reel Deep Charters enough. Get a bunch of mates together, and give them a call. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Before you set off, make sure you stock up at your local BCF. All the terminal tackle, line, leader and lures you could ever need can be found there.

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