Fishing for a feed off the Sunny Coast

With a little bit of warmth in the water, the months from April through June can prove pretty prosperous for table fish off the coast of South East Queensland.  

As we all know, Summer normally signals the arrival of mass bait balls…but as a chill comes across the air, fish start to push deeper, and school up nicely. This means they are prime candidates for one of the more involved styles of fishing…jigging.   

Jigs come in all shapes, colours and weights, and it’s fair to say if you’re new to the jigging game, picking a style that will work for you can be daunting.   

Here are a few things to consider that may help you make your choice.   


How deep your fishing will determine how heavy your jig needs to be. The deeper you go, normally, the heavier you need. Anything deeper than 50m you should be looking at least in the 100gram + range of jigs. Current also plays a part here. If it’s strong where you are fishing, you may need to go heavier again, so your jig doesn’t get pushed off course when you’re dropping.   


Many reef species will react more aggressively to smaller profile jigs, worked slower through the column. The Savage Squish Jigs are a little more rounded in the middle and can be “hopped” back up to the boat after you dropdown.  

The opposite to this are knife jigs, that are long and slender, and classically used for deeper dwelling species like your kingfish, Samson and Amberjack. They are good for faster action when retrieving.  

You can find a huge variety of jigs at your local BCF. The team instore will also help you pick what’s best for you if you’re still a little in the dark.