Gold Coast Whiting

Whiting are a species that everyone has a story about. Maybe it was the first fish you caught, perhaps you did it with your Mum, Dad, Grandparents or close mate. It’s a fish that makes memories and when you know how to jag a few, those memories are going to be good ones.

Anyone who knows anything about Whiting will have heard of Wayne Young. Youngy has earned the nickname Mr Whiting for his incredible persistence in the research of this awesome species. As you can imagine, in all his reading up on Whiting, he has developed a few, we’re going to say foolproof techniques to make sure you jag a bag of Whiting.

His golden rule, light tackle is best. 6-pound line, 6-pound leader, long soft rod and you’re good to go. Match your sinker to the depth of the water you’re fishing, as well as taking into account how much push there is in the tide. The faster it’s flowing, the heavier your lead should be.

Another tip Youngy gives is to not strike early. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who like to have a rod in hand and get an itchy trigger finger when a nibble comes our way. Youngy recommends leaving your rod in a rod holder, watching it closely, until it really loads up. Then gently lean on it, wind and you’ve got a fish. To quote him –  “The waitress doesn’t make you chase your hamburger around the restaurant.”

We’ve slabbed down all of Youngy’s best tips in the video above. Grab a pen and paper, because, with this masterclass under your belt, you’ll be making good Whiting memories in no time.

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