Hipcamp’s McSweeny Haven

On the outskirts of Kilkivan lies a beautiful property by the name of McSweeny Haven 

It’s available to campers, caravanners or anyone who wants a real off-grid experience via Hipcamp 

“A lot of the campsites are on the creek bed,” said owner Nev McSweeny. “Once you go up further you go across the creek again, and there’s some lovely spots up there on the other side of the creek.” 

What started as a cattle property has morphed into this patch of pastoral paradise but that’s not to say the cattle aren’t still around.  

Seven year old Elsie regularly visits campsites in search of a treat.  

“She doesn’t mind a bit of bread,” said Nev.  

Elsie isn’t the only attraction at McSweeny Haven. Guests with a sharp eye might leave with a bit of bling too as Nev offers fossicking for gold on the property.  

“In the early 90s it was all open cut and I think it was the early 90s, 92, 93,” Nev said. “Went on for a couple of years, then once that was finished here they moved on to other properties around here.”  

You’ll find McSweeny Haven and plenty of other stunning spots on Hipcamp.  

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