How to be prepared for a car fire

A car fire is a scary thing to behold… and even more so if it’s your pride and joy – with you, your mates, or your family still inside!

Although seriously uncommon, accidents and incidents like this can happen. It’s always better to be prepared than to face a situation without the proper gear.

There’s a new product to ARB called the Firestryker. It’s a cool little thing: No longer than a flare and weighing a lot less than your run-of-the mill extinguisher… it’s how it puts out fires that is even more impressive.

The Firestryker uses potassium, rather than regular CO2, to extinguish fire. Potassium does a good job of sucking away all the oxygen that the source fire needs to stay alight. The chemical reaction is also slower than CO2, meaning it is much more successful at preventing re-ignition.

Another thing to add to your personal safety arsenal is a good first aid kit. You want one that is fully stocked, especially if you’re planning on going remote.

You can pick up a good, everyday-sized kit from your local ARB store — perfect for keeping under the seat, or in the glove box. We’d recommend one of the bigger jobs if you are planning on undertaking an extended, rural, isolated trip. Included in this bigger kit, you should be looking for the snake bite kit. They hold all the bandages, and most importantly, the instructions you will need to properly dress and immobilize a snake bite wound. Of all things, make sure you stay calm.

Having a personal protective kit like this inspires confidence…and with confidence comes a willingness to explore this great country of ours.

Get out, enjoy it.

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