How to keep fishing gear in the best condition

Seeing that most of us now have a bit of spare time up our sleeves, now is the time to get onto things that have always been put on the backburner, the “that can wait” tasks like gear care, maintenance and organising your tackle box.

Maintaining your gear can help it last much longer and the more love that you give it, the better it’ll perform in the years to come – then again you’ve spent good money on it, you may as well try and get a good return on it?

From boat and car maintenance to fishing rods and reels, every now and again it’s good to give it a bit of TLC. For reels, the Shimano method is pretty straightforward – wipe it off with a soft cloth and some tap water, a quick rinse under the tap and then a dab of oil in all the right places. Viola, you’ve got a reel that is right to go.

Correcting underspools is also something that can improve your performance on the water – doing this will help you cast further. See the above video for some quick tips on how to do this.

Organising is all about getting prepared and ready. How many times have you been ready to head out for a big day and at 4AM you’d remembered that you’d needed to replace those rusty trebles or you’d forgotten where you’d put all your lures? Not fun! Sammy has an ingenious and simple way of prepping your rigs, so they’re ready to go. See the above video.

Being stuck at home isn’t the end of the world, right? I mean, everyone would love it if they could spend a bit more time in the shed, getting prepped, so when the time comes to hit the water, you know you’re good to go.

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