How to manage your tackle box

Have you got an unruly tackle box that is in dire need of some attention? Sinkers everywhere, swivels up the wahzoo, hooks definitely where hooks shouldn’t be? Not to worry, we’ve got a few cheap and easy tips to help turn your tackle box nightmare around!

Firstly, hook management. Have you ever gone to pull a single hook from your tackle box, only to have another 10 come with it? What you need is a way to organise them. Here’s a simple idea. Get a safety pin, and thread the eyelets of the hooks onto the pin. This way, they won’t clump together, nor will they get flung throughout the tackle box. When you need a hook, simply unhook the safety pin, and slide one off. To get even more managed, sort your hook sizes together, meaning you have different safety pins to suit different sized hooks.

Another quick tip, use rubber bands to attach the treble hooks of lures together, that way they will only hook themselves, and not other lures in your box.

Additionally, put any smaller-sized sinkers into old mint containers… this saves them rolling around the place. And finally, use a rubber band with a larger width to ensure your spare line doesn’t come off its spool. Some lines come with a little knick in the spool, to latch your line into when it’s not used. This however can sometimes create a weak point in the line.

So, with a well managed tackle box, you are good to go for your next fishing mission! Remember if you’re short on any gear, head to your local BCF to stock up.