How to Prevent a Rusty Reel

Rust is the one thing that us fishermen are in constant battle with. There’s nothing worse than picking up a favourite reel after a few months without use, and find it to be a bit stiff and running rougher than you left it. There are actually a few ways you can prevent rust and salt build up.

Firstly, using a pressure washer or dunking your reel in water may force crystalised salt, further into the nooks and crannies of your reel. Instead, try using a wet cloth and warm water to wipe down the reel, and removed any of the salt residue.

Another tip is to tighten up the drag on your reel before you start the cleaning process. This prevents water getting in between the drag washers and into the reel itself. Just remember to loosen the drag when you’re done!

For a further list of maintenance tips, and further fishing hacks, check out the BCF website.

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