Iso Backyard Camping

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we live in a great country and it’s the simple pleasures that bring us the greatest joy. Yeah, we can’t exactly visit all the great outdoors at the moment, but we can try to give our kids an experience of the great outdoors without leaving the confines of your own home. 

Backyard camping has been a tradition for many families, to enjoy some quiet time together- bonding over setting up camp, playing board games and gazing to the stars above.  

What you’ll need: 

  • A backyard 
  • Tent/swag or sleeping bag. 
  • A campfire in a sandpit, or brazier.  
  • Marshmallows

Method: Set up camp right next to the greenest patch of grass in the yard and avoid the bindis. Set up in the late arvo, so you can enjoy over a beer. 

For our urban dwellers, no need for despair–  a veranda will do just fine as a back yard. Buy yourself a portable gas burner to act as a “campfire” and rig up some fairy lights as “stars”! Talk about romantic.  

Extra points for those who want to go the extra mile and really “live off the grid”- how about cutting the power to your place and see how the family copes without WiFi!  

Find all the gear you need for a successful backyard camp at BCF – see your nearest store.  

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