Isuzu’s ‘I-Venture Club’

A 4WD isn’t just a vehicle, for many, it’s a way of life to exciting off-road adventures, a passport to take on the outdoors and (i) venture the roads less travelled.

For Isuzu Ute owners, Isuzu’s ‘I-Venture Club’ runs exclusive events for owners, so they can get the best out of their four-wheel drives, building their skills and confidence in any terrain.

For those who are new to towing, the Mount Cotton “Tow Day” held at RACQ’s Mobility Centre of Excellence, is a great opportunity to get comfortable with your set up.

Enter Matt Taylor – he’s worked on Hollywood movies like Mad Max as a stunt driver and is an Advanced Performance Driving Instructor.

“There are no training courses that are legislated once you get your license, so you’ve got your ticket and you can go and tow what you want realistically. So, these courses have come about basically picking up the slack in the educational side of things.”

This day is all about towing, a basic skill but essential to master, especially when under pressure (read: when you’re at the boat ramp and there’s a lineup!). Matt told us “if there’s any doubt, stopping, gather your thoughts and have another go. Practice makes perfect.”

We put Olivia through the wringer – but how did she fair? Watch the below video to find out.

Find the next Isuzu I-Venture club event at

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