Ivory’s Rock in the City of Ipswich

Flinders – Goolman Conservation Estate is only 20 minutes’ drive from Ipswich’s CBD. It’s home to extensive forests and rugged volcanic peaks, including Ivory’s Rock. Ivory’s Rock is the latest hiking trail to open to the public in South East Queensland. And the great news is that you can join a guided hike.

Horizon Guides which is based in the Scenic Rim offers guided walks of the Ivory’s Rock Circuit Hike. It’s approximately 90km and takes about 5 hours.

Near the base of Ivory’s Rock is Ivory’s Rock Convention and Events. It hosts festivals, events, conventions and has room for up to 5000 people. Recently they have opened up one of their campgrounds to the general public. The campground offers free wifi, bunkhouses with air conditioning and campsites with private ensuite bathrooms! And for those with no gear, they can hire a rent-a-tent. So you can turn up and your campsite is already prepared for you with everything you need!

The best place to learn more about what’s in the Ipswich Region, visit www.discoveripswich.com.au

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