Jigging in Tin Can Bay

Jig fishing, we reckon, is up there as one of the most enjoyable forms of fishing. You’re constantly working your lure, and how you can work it can vary depending on what you’re targeting, where you’re fishing, how deep you’re fishing, run in the tide…the list is endless!

There are a vast range of jigs on the market, so if you’re new to the game, picking one can be quite daunting. As a general rule, match the weight of your jig to the depth you’re fishing. So if you’re in 50-60m of water, go for a 60gram lure. You also have to take in the amount of run in the tide. If there is a little more push in it than you were expecting, don’t be afraid to tie something a little heavier on to counteract that.

Jigs work in all levels of the water column. A slow lift off the bottom will entice any reefies sitting down there, whereas you can work it faster through the middle of the column to attract a cruising pelagic or two.

BCF stock a wide variety of jigs in all shapes and weights. The boys got stuck into a few good fish off Tin Can Bay and had a bit of luck with a few products from Nomad. Check them out!

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