Lawn Hill

Boodjamulla National Park formerly Lawn Hill National Park is a hidden jewel in the north west of Queensland. A tropical oasis, home to many different species of birds, freshwater fish and native mammals. This exceptional park features spectacular gorge country, including the lush oasis of Lawn Hill Gorge, sandstone ranges and World Heritage fossils. One of Queensland’s most scenic national parks.

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Hells Gate Roadhouse
Hell’s Gate Roadhouse is situated 50km east of the Northern Territory/Queensland Border. Whether it’s your first or last stop in Queensland, Hell’s Gate Roadhouse is a great place to have a break when driving along the Savannah Way.
Hells Gate Roadhouse
4754 8258

Adels Grove
Adels Grove is located 10km from the Lawn Hill Gorge, Boodjamulla National Park and 50km from the world heritage Riversleigh Fossil fields. The property of Adels Grove occupies an area of some 30 hectares and extends from Lawn Hill Creek at one end to Louie Creek at the other. It is a beautiful oasis that should definitely be on the bucket list.
Adels Grove
Riverleigh Rd, Lawn Hill
4748 5502

Tassiriki Ranch Beach Horse Riding & Holiday Cabins
02 6683 4602

Discovery Parkes Mt Isa
This may be the Outback, but you’ll still have a river view. Set by the banks of the beautiful Leichhardt River, our holiday park Discovery Parks – Mount Isa is an excellent base to explore.
Discovery Parkes Mt Isa
4743 4676

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