Mackay Offshore Fishing

Fishing offshore Mackay is like rolling a dice, you never know what you’re going to pull up next. From big reefies like Red Emperor and Nannygai, to the fast and fun pelagics, and even monster Cod and Sweetlip, the region has it all.

Scotty hooks up with a local father-son duo, Aaron and Sean Wade, and heads 30 miles out to one of the guys’ favourite marks. It’s a mark that normally produces good Nannygai, but today, the mackerel are thick!

Catching Mackerel can be done in a number of ways. Big Spanish can be caught trolling around bombies or reef edges. Live bait or lures work too. Today, the boys are using the Savage Gear Squish Jigs. It’s simple. Tie on the jig with a length of wire. This prevents the Mackerel’s teeth cutting you’re the line. Then just drop down to the bottom and rip it up with speed. These fish love pace in a lure, it replicates a bait fish trying to escape something, and triggers the mackerel to strike.

The boys get on to a couple of good sized fish before something monstrous grabs young Aaron’s line!

Fishing the Mackay region has its own little tricks to it, so if you are planning your own fishing mission north, head instore to your local BCF for a chat, and also to pick up one of the Squish Jigs the boys used.

While in town, check out the Oaks Rivermarque. Nice and comfy, and central in Mackay. Less than 10 minutes to the harbour as well, which means a quick access to the hundreds of fishing grounds scatted offshore.

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