Mangrove Health

The humble mangrove is more important to our coasts and creeks than you may have thought.

Aside from filtering sediment and holding up our sand dunes and coast lines, they also provide a home for fish fingerlings to grow big and strong before they venture out into the creeks, estuaries and oceans. This is also the reason that we as anglers like to target the mangroves.

As the baby fish get a little bigger, they start to venture out from the mangroves in schools, this is where the bigger predatory fish are waiting to feed. So, if we throw our lures or baits into a school of baitfish, hanging around the mangroves, you’ll be a good chance of snagging one of the predators!

Did you know that there are 39 species of mangroves, just in Queensland! Some of the more common variants include the yellow mangrove, milky mangrove, grey, red, orange and river mangrove.

Did you know they can also store up to 10 times more carbon dioxide than a regular forest! So we should take care of the mangroves, as they take care of us.