MDC takes on the Condamine 14 River Crossings

MDC are back on the box with their range of beaut camper trailers. Luke and Cody Cook were sent on assignment – lucky them – to test out the Explorer, Rear Fold – a heavy duty camper trailer that you can take pretty much anywhere. As Steve Zammitt (MDC’s sales guy) put it, “if you’re brave enough to go there – the Camper trailer will follow”.  Game on Steve.

Well luckily for their warranty (and our insurance) we didn’t beat them to an inch of their death, but we gave it a go.

Picture this. Killarney. 14 River Crossings. Some of the prettiest country on the Great Dividing Range. We took the Explorer there. We put it through mud, we dragged it through rivers, 14 times. We belted it. Did it stand the test? You betcha it did.

Offroading with the Explorer was a cinch too – Luke said “I totally forgot that it was attached – it was that sturdy”. We don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing – bitta column A, bitta column B we figure. Getting the MDC offroad and setting it up was loads of fun.  Corrugations, no problemo. Ruts in the track – pfffffft, try harder mother nature.

And the boys didn’t have any trouble getting it up too… Ahhh, with the annex that is. 10 minutes and bang. It was done. Warm, dry and comfortable, exactly what you want in a camper trailer.

See the MDC range in store across Australia. And visit Cullendore High Country.

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